Conversation with the Revolution (2011)

Conversation with the Revolution (2011)

The media images of the 1979 revolution are derived from a few sources that are repeatedly rearranged – and can reveal hidden stories and people. Safarian takes a personal look at the events, their cinematic presentation and the concept of revolution in general: his work coincided with the “Arab Spring” in Egypt and Tunisia. Safarian recognized the same gestures, behavior and signs: “Crowds fill the streets, burning tires, cars and buildings; fists, slogans, guns: This is nothing more than a revolution that repeats itself over and over again.” “Conversations with the Revolution” sets out to fathom what the photos and films are really about, what they show exactly.

گفتگو با انقلاب

original title


release date

Robert Safarian


29 mins


Persian with English subtitles


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